“WOW GUYS. Thank you so much for all the efforts you have put into the Great Lake to Lake race. I have just started riding about a month ago and this was my first event and I must say that I am hooked. The whole race I was running on adrenaline and was ready to ride another 20km at the end…
Great job and thanks again…Dennis

“Who would have thought years ago when I bought my daughters their first bikes, that we would all be racing together on Father’s day. My 15 year old placed again & it was my 13 year olds 1st time & she finished it a half second in front of me. As we passed the finished line she beamed with excitement and said “Happy Fathers Day dad, I beat you”. Thanks again, MIKE D & Kendra & Shannon

“Great organization, no waits and the course was extremely well marked. The race started exactly on time and the awards were well done.Lee

“Just wanted to say thanks for organizing such a great event. I can only imagine the effort that goes into pulling off a race through the heart of the Niagara Penninsula. I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of terrain encountered. Unfortunately I had to pull out of the race at Brock but fortunately it was because my wife went into labor and gave birth to our first child…a baby girl…later that day. I can’t wait until next year. Tom

“Great race, thanks to the organizers and volunteers. I can’t wait until next year. Neil

“To the organizers and all involved in the 2007 Great Lake To Lake event, Thank You!! I had an absolute blast. This is the second race I’ve done this year and the first since I’ve turned forty! I quit smoking 6 years ago and have been clean and sober for 12 years now. I’ve been serious about improving my health lately and this event was a boost to my ego. I finished 502 (I believe…I was No. 0325). I have a long way to go to reach certain goals but this is a sport that accepts me and anyone else, for that matter, just as I am and with great encouragement. I met some truly wonderful people today. Thanks again… I WILL see you next year!! Sincerely,Kevin

“Great race. Well worth the 4 hour drive from Ohio. It was so much tougher than we imagined. Those ATV ruts were brutal!
Thanks again. Best, Julie & Rudy

“I would like to say thanks for another great day of racing. I would also like to thank the rider who stopped to help me out. I had already replaced one tube when I blew another and had no other. I began to walk with about 5 kms or so to go when finally a rider stopped and gave me an extra tube. Unfortunately I did not know his name or bib number and was wondering if you could post something out there so that I may repay him”.
Thanks in advance, Jeff
response: “I stopped and gave someone a tube with around 5km to go. I was rider # 162. Please tell Jeff not to worry about repaying. Was glad to help out. You can give him my email if you want.This was my fourth time in the race and it just keeps getting better. Loved the single track on the escarpment!!!! Jamie